Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever you’re exploring a new course of study, it’s important to ask questions. Train1On1 wants you to make a fully informed decision before you enroll. If you don’t see your answer here, be sure to contact us for more detailed information.

A: Yes, we believe when our students work one-on-one with a veteran Forex trader, they get more in-depth tips, insights and knowledge. There is more personal accountability between student and teacher. And students retain knowledge more effectively.
Different pricing plans are available depending on the level of trading you’re currently at, and the results you want to get from the program. Contact us to find out which training program and pricing plan is best for you?
Our instructors are experienced traders who make a good income from foreign exchange training. They will teach you their approaches, philosophies, strategies and techniques, so you can master Forex training to gain your own financial independence.
Every form of trading involves some element of financial risk. With our one-on-one instruction from veteran Forex traders, you’ll gain a fuller understanding of the risks involved, and learn how to manage those risks to become a more consistent trader and see better trading results.

Forex trading is very profitable. It is the most profitable investment form that I know of. However, high profit also comes with high risks. As one can earn a lot of money in the Forex market in a short amount of time, he can also lose a lot of money in a short amount of time.


I find forex trading suitable for people who:


Know the risks involved and prepare themselves mentally and financially for that. Meaning, only invest the money that they can afford to lose, never more.

Who want “realistic” income. It does not means that other investment forms do not bring real money, it just means that the lose and gain is real and the investors can see it clearly. Unlike other investments/businesses where we don’t know if we will make money or lose money, and when will it happen.

Who have the patient to learn about the forex market, the currency pairs they want to trade and learn about market analysis to make decent forecast.


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